Hobbs & Shaw: The Best of Frenemies

Published on July 14, 2019 by

Some behind-the-scenes clips along with scenes from the movie featuring the intense and often comedic rivalry between Hobbs and Shaw.

“Once filming began on The Fate of the Furious, Jason and I settled into this easy rhythm,” Johnson says. “Not only did we start to breathe this cool energy into our scenes, but there was a unique chemistry that just started to build between us. It was something that we recognized immediately, but we weren’t the only ones. I remember pulling Hiram and Chris Morgan aside and they agreed. Hobbs and Shaw are two alphas who, even if there is a sliver of common respect between them, hate each other, and that often can be the best impetus in a film.” What became evident to all very quickly was that Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw should have their own film together. The idea for Hobbs & Shaw was born.

The rivalry and tension between the two characters also gave Morgan the opportunity to push the comedy, which had always been present in his Fast films, to the forefront. Johnson immediately saw the potential for a riotous action comedy. “The Fast franchise is more of an action-drama,” he says. “It’s big; it’s fun; it’s exciting. With Hobbs & Shaw, we’re still in the Fast world, but the premise allows us to pivot creatively into the action-comedy realm, which works on every level.”

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